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What is LONCANI Platform?

LONCANI is a tech startup that offers online tools and solutions to enhance and promote African beauty. We offer a web platform and a mobile application for professionals and beauty services companies from the Afro-descendant community who wish to strengthen their business and better serve their customers. We help them grow their business online with a tools that allows them to advertise their services, manage customers, reservations, and accept electronic payments. The objective of the platform is to meet the needs of women to find their hairdresser or beautician, as on the other hand, to help entrepreneurs in the beauty sector to gain visibility.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is on the one hand to meet the needs of women to find their hairdresser or beautician, and on the other hand, to help black entrepreneurs in the beauty sector to gain visibility. We want to help the community by providing them with a simple and efficient way to connect with clients, automate repetitive tasks and grow their business. We also aim to be an educational platform on African beauty care and services for the Afro-descendant communities here in Canada.

LONCANI intends to position itself as the black community’s one-stop beauty and wellness shop.

The black community's beauty & wellness services and products platform

Today, many beauty professionals in our community struggle to showcase their products and services online and grow their businesses in the beauty industry.

This is where LONCANI comes in. We offer a unique mobile app for all your business needs to give your business the visibility it deserves. At LONCANI, our top priority is to help these businesses gain exposure and reach the next level.

The LONCANI marketplace platform is primed with possibilities and opportunities. We cater to everyone who identifies as an Afro-descendent in the beauty and wellness field, from independent artists, aestheticians, and SMEs, to already established beauty salons.

For consumers, it’s an easy way to find, book and review professionals.

LONCANI - About Us

Who Is Behind?

Stephanie, a serial entrepreneure and part-time singer.

I am Stephanie, a dedicated woman entrepreneur. I was born and grew up in the Ivory Coast, but I arrived in Canada in 2013 to study. I am a web designer and developer of websites for clients. I like to spend my free time singing and dancing like a hobbit while eating sushi or alloco with attieke on the side!

LONCANI came from my experience as a consumer and part-time hairdresser. I noticed that there was no resource to find a professional that knew my hair type. My past clients also struggled to find someone when I was unavailable, so I decided to create LONCANI, not only for me but for our community as well! I sincerely hope to collaborate with you to make it better. “Alone we go faster, together we go further.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Oscar Wilde

Core Values

Core Values